Chiropractic Clinic Update

It’s been a little while since we’ve posted so I thought it would be a nice thing to let patients and browsers know what’s been going on at Worcester Chiropractic Clinic.

I’m pleased to tell you, firstly, that there are no dramatic developments. The clinic has been running for 36 years and continues to provide the people of Worcestershire with musculoskeletal care.

Chiro Clinic Repairs

Those who are currently attending (over the last week) will have noticed a very big mess. We have been updating our glazing.

Patient comfort and a low environmental impact are very important to us. For this reason, we are replacing the old single-glazed windows with modern, triple-glazed versions.

We had hoped the work could be done on a date when we had no clinic running, but the glaziers were held up and so I can only apologise for the disruption.

This is always the obstacle when it comes to modernising the clinic, but the goal is a worthwhile one, so we will continue to chip away.

Patients who see Beth or Jason (and therefore are treated downstairs) will also have noticed we have replaced the treatment table.

Covid-cleaning left our previous table scabbed and seized beyond economic repair.

We have taken the opportunity to upgrade, purchasing a bench that has a few more “bells and whistles”.

The benefit of this is that additional treatment techniques are available, meaning if you don’t like a particular method, we have more options to offer you as an alternative.

The bench is also a little wider and so should feel more secure when moving around on it.

Chiropractic Bench


We will continue to invest in the clinic and make sure it delivers what our patients want, so watch this space.

But much more excitingly, we have a new member of staff.

Sue has joined our reception team from Knightwick GP Surgery.

Sue brings years of medical administrative experience, a friendly smile and a caring attitude to the clinic.

We have recently had professional photos but are waiting on the final copy, so you’ll have to wait or pop in to see her!

In other news, our pilot spinal-rehabilitation course was a success, with all participants reporting significant improvements in flexibility, strength and symptoms.

We hope to restart these asap, we are just looking for a venue that has evening availability.

I think that those are the main updates I need to give you. We have a blog post talking about our current approach to Covid, but I am pleased to say things are running very smoothly in that regard.

Jason, who joined the clinic at the end of 2021 is doing fantastically well. He is part way through a post-graduate diploma as well as partaking in numerous seminars with other chiropractors to make sure he keeps on top of his game.

When we meet for our CPD sessions, I am always astonished by the level of his knowledge. It makes me feel very secure to know that patients are being looked after by such a conscientious and expert chiropractor.

You can read more about him and all of our chiropractors here.