At Worcester Chiropractic Clinic we provide a wide range of treatment options for almost all joint, muscle and nerve problems. A list of conditions that chiropractors can help with can be found here.

Whether you are suffering from debilitating sciatica or just a clunky wrist, chiropractors are the best placed medical professionals to help.

What is a Chiropractor?

Chiropractors are musculoskeletal specialists.

A musculoskeletal specialist is a medical professional that diagnoses and treats injuries and problems that affect the muscles, nerves and joints.

There is a perception that chiropractors just treat the spine, but this is false. Chiropractors are trained to examine and treat the whole body.

Chiropractors deal with acute injuries, that might have occurred on a sports field, as well as chronic or repetitive problems that might have accrued over many years.

Whether it is a minor niggle that has been ongoing for years or a sudden catastrophe, our chiropractors are equipped to help.

Chiropractors are manual therapists.

This means they offer hands-on treatment.

The exact type of treatment is dependant on each individual case, but in most instances a range of treatments are used for best effect.

These treatments include, but are not limited to, soft-tissue work, joint manipulation or mobilisation, acupuncture/dry-needling, rehabilitation and sports-taping.

Chiropractors are primary care practitioners.

A primary care practitioner is one that is trained to diagnose patients.

This diagnostic skill is the most valuable asset of any chiropractor.

Prompt diagnosis of your injury means that the correct management can be provided and you will see a more complete and faster resolution.

Is it a Chiropractor I Need?

Clearly, there are times when manual therapy is not the best course of action for a patient.

Some injuries may require a different form of treatment, such as injection therapy or surgery.

Part of a chiropractor’s skill is to determine when chiropractic treatment is not suitable for a patient, and where that person should be referred for appropriate treatment or investigation.

We work very closely with local GPs and other medical professionals to ensure that all patients receive the most effective treatment possible.

Our chiropractors have a wealth of experience and act as primary medical professionals. Anybody can make an appointment to see a chiropractor without prior referral or investigation, safe in the knowledge that they will receive the best possible care.

For this reason our chiropractors need to demonstrate the highest levels of clinical skill. All of our chiropractors have undertaken rigorous medical training, and continue to engage in research and professional education to keep them at the top of their field.

What Chiropractors Don’t Do

The list of what chiropractors don’t do is a long one, but can be boiled down to a few fundamentals:

Chiropractors don’t treat disease.

If you are seeking treatment for a disease process, whether it be multiple sclerosis, diabetes or just the flu, chiropractic treatment is not for you.

Of course, chiropractors treat people with so called co-morbidities all the time.

There are very few diseases that prevent a person from receiving chiropractic treatment for a musculoskeletal condition that they also happen to be suffering from.

In some instances treatment may need to be modified, but chiropractors have lots of treatment methods available to them and so this is not a problem.

Chiropractors don’t offer invasive treatments.

This includes the prescription of medication, injection therapy (such as steroid injections) or surgery.

We will happily advise you when these forms of management may be appropriate for you, and refer you to the appropriate practitioner, but we don’t do these things ourselves.

Chiropractors don’t do massage.

Some soft-tissue massage techniques are used as part of treatment, but if you are looking for an alternative to a relaxing spa massage chiropractic treatment is not it.

Our services are intended as a means of resolving and preventing pain and injury, not sending you to sleep. Sorry!

More information on what to expect when you make an appointment can be found here.