How to Stop Breasts Causing Back Pain Did you know, the heaviest natural breasts on the planet belong to Annie Hawkins-Taylor and weigh a colossal 40kg? Annie’s 102ZZZ assets might be exceptional, but it is not uncommon for breasts to weigh a kilogram, and even more if you have larger than average breasts. And because… Read more

Why does my back ‘go’ and what can I do about it? If you have had sudden low back pain, there’s a good chance you have used the description “my back has gone” or “it just went”. But where did it go? In this article our chiropractors will attempt to answer why sudden onset back… Read more

It’s a little uncertain where this myth began, but it certainly does seem to be a common perception that chiropractors are purely back pain specialists. This isn’t strictly true – chiropractors are neuromusculoskeletal specialists. A neuromusculoskeletal specialist is a medical practitioner who primarily looks at conditions to do with nerves, muscles and joints. These can… Read more

You may not have been aware that there are two types of chiropractor in England and Wales; McTimoney chiropractors and, well, chiropractors. In this article we explore the similarities and differences between the two. A shorter summary is available on our FAQs page. If you are looking for a chiropractor in Worcester, click here. First… Read more

If you have been referred for an injection to ease back pain, neck pain, a trapped nerve or sciatica, this article will provide some information on the various types you may be offered. Spinal injections come in three main forms; epidural, nerve root and facet joint. Facet joint injections target small joints at the back… Read more

The 2015 Tour De France consisted of 21 gruelling stages, amounting to 2,087 miles of cycling in just three weeks. Today, almost every team has its own chiropractor, but why? What does cycling that far do to your back? The first thing to note is that cyclists competing at Le Tour rarely employ a chiropractor… Read more

Name: Mr C Reason for consultation: Front of thigh numbness and associated low back pain. Mr C presented to Worcester Chiropractic Clinic 12 months after injuring his low back at work. Mr C states that “something went” whilst he was lifting, but at the time there was no pain. Later, at home, Mr C was… Read more

Chiropractors just click joints and soothe back ache, right? If you have been to a chiropractor you may know otherwise. An initial consultation with a chiropractor should involve a thorough general health check, with pulse, blood-pressure and neurological exam being typical, and urine tests, respiratory tests and others being carried out when indicated. These tests… Read more

It’s fairly accepted that carrying a child places a great demand on a woman’s body. There are an enormous number of physiological changes that take place, but there are also a lot of mechanical changes. Fortunately, many of these mechanical effects can be prevented. Back pain is the most common mechanical problem experienced during pregnancy,… Read more

I promised to write this article after asking Twitter users whether they thought back pain was more common amongst men or women.The responses were surprising, with a rush from each gender to take the title as the most afflicted by back pain. This says a lot about societal attitudes to pain, which is a fascinating… Read more

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