Introduction to Knee Pain Knee pain can occur in the front, back or sides of the knee, and may be accompanied by pain spreading into the thigh or the lower leg. Knee pain affects patients of all ages and has many different causes. It can come on from a specific injury, such as whilst playing… Read more

The 2015 Tour De France consisted of 21 gruelling stages, amounting to 2,087 miles of cycling in just three weeks. Today, almost every team has its own chiropractor, but why? What does cycling that far do to your back? The first thing to note is that cyclists competing at Le Tour rarely employ a chiropractor… Read more

Patients with symptomatic knee arthritis do not benefit from steroid injections, concludes a new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). The new research looked at the severity of knee pain experienced by people given steroid injections into the knee compared with people given a Saline placebo. Steroid/Saline injections were administered… Read more

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