Back Pain Classes Are Back!

Rehabilitation Classes are Back

We want people to be able to live their best life, without fears or doubts about what their body can do.

We are motivated by the goal of getting your body functioning as well as possible, finding those weaker areas and improving upon them.

That is why we are restarting our healthy-spine classes.

Classes are designed by our chiropractors, combining up to date research with decades of clinical experience to provide a safe and progressive foundation for exercise.

Who Are Classes Suitable For?

The classes are suitable for anybody. There is a focus on spinal stabilisation exercises, but these are integrated with whole body movements for purposeful and varied challenge.

This format benefits people with a history of back pain by conditioning muscles to take load away from the spine.

That said, people who have had neck, shoulder, hip or knee problems are likely to benefit, due to the relationship between the spine and these areas.

The exercises used for the classes are preventative as much as restorative, and are also very helpful for people aiming to improve their activity/sporting durability, performance and longevity.

Classes are also great if you just want to prevent yourself getting back pain in the first place.

The only requirement we place on participation is that you must have been a patient at Worcester Chiropractic Clinic within the last two years.

This is so that our chiropractors, who are directing the classes, can accommodate any specific needs you may have and adapt exercises to meet your particular demands.

Why Do I Need a Class?

You can never have too good a foundation when it comes to injury prevention.

Our chiropractors try to assist people with rehabilitation/exercise advice during routine appointments, but this is not always as effective as they would like.

Hands-on treatment is really effective at bringing about change in terms of how your body feels and functions but, to maintain that change, exercise cannot be beaten.

Learning how to move your body without excess strain can take time and needs to be done properly.

While you will be able to practice your exercises anytime, qualified supervision in a suitable environment is essential for best results.

Where and When are Classes?

Classes are taking place at Studio B Dance Centre in St Johns, less than 5 minutes walk from Worcester Chiropractic Clinic.

Initially we are just running a six-week pilot class on Monday mornings, but we will be extending availability in the New Year.

Please contact us for details.


  • Rebecca Howard says:

    How long are the sessions, and if you do run them in the new year, will any be in the evenings? I’d love to do the course starting in just over a week’s time but not sure I can juggle full time work commitments enough.