Covid-19 Update; Spring 2022

Following the easing of Coronavirus restrictions in March 2022, we are beginning to reduce some of the measures that we have been taking in response to Covid-19.

We have delayed this roll-back while keeping a close eye on the wider situation and thank you for your patience.

The following changes will be implemented on 19th April 2022.

How things are changing

  • Masks; masks will be optional for patients and staff. You are very welcome to wear one and your chiropractor will wear one at their discretion or your request.
  • Waiting areas; reception and other communal areas are now fully open. You are welcome to wait in the clinic if you arrive early for your appointment.
  • Friends/Family; feel free to bring company with you to your appointment. They are welcome to join you in the treatment room or to wait in reception.
  • Changing cubicles; you will have the option of getting changed into a treatment gown. You will also have your own cubicle to remove shoes or bulky clothing before your appointment.

If you suspect you have Covid

Please contact the clinic if you have an appointment and think you have Covid.

We advise you do not attend the clinic if you have Covid and will happily reschedule your appointments for you.

If you have an appointment within 24 hours of finding out you have Covid, please share your positive test result with us and we will waive the late-cancellation fee.