Chiropractors Near Malvern

We believe that we are the best chiropractors in the Malvern area. Not only are we the longest established chiropractic clinic in Worcestershire, but we are also an award-winning clinic.

If you are from Malvern or nearby, and are considering seeing a chiropractor, this page is for you. You can read a little about our chiropractors, find out what chiropractors do, and learn what to expect when you make an appointment.

The Best Chiropractors Near Malvern?

While we say we’re the best chiropractors around, it’s better coming from people who’ve been to see us.

Feel free to read our reviews here or on Google and, if those aren’t enough, check out our Facebook page, where we also post free advice. Many of the people who have left us reviews are from Malvern or surrounding areas.

What Do Chiropractors Do Exactly?

If you’re not entirely sure what a chiropractor does, we help people with a host of nerve, muscle and joint problems, from trapped nerves and headaches, to back pain and sports injuries.

Treatment is made up of a range of manual therapy techniques, including manipulation, joint mobilisation, soft-tissue releases, dry-needling, and more.

At Worcester Chiropractic Clinic, a great deal of importance is placed on diagnostics. Getting to the root cause of your symptoms is an essential aspect of what chiropractors do.

Without an accurate diagnosis, treatment is just a shot in the dark and that isn’t something that we’re prepared to do.

For this reason, our team of chiropractors are continuously refreshing their diagnostic skills and sharing interesting cases between them.

Who Are Our Chiropractors?

Our registered chiropractors are leaders in their field, with years of research and clinical experience.

Coupled with this expertise is the belief that listening to people and understanding their goals is the key to achieving the best results from treatment, whether this is getting you back to work as quickly as possible or helping you to maintain a hobby for years longer than you thought possible.

We have four chiropractors working here, with clinical interests ranging from pregnancy care to sports performance optimisation. So if you are looking for a chiropractor in Malvern, we are pretty sure that one of our team will be able to help.

Where is the Chiropractic Clinic Located?

Ok, so we’re not actually located in Malvern. You probably knew that already.

But there are better reasons to choose a chiropractor than just going for whoever is closest.

We offer a straight-forward, transparent, patient-centred experience, with expert chiropractors who can help with a whole host of issues and who will let you know immediately if they can’t help.

Although we are not in Great Malvern itself, we are just a stone’s throw away, so please consider giving us a call if you have any nerve, muscle or joint problems.

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