Case Study 4

Case Study – Mr F Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a blockage in the blood vessels returning blood to the heart. This usually happens in the legs and is more common amongst people with pre-existing cardiovascular problems, those taking certain medications and during periods of limited physical activity. Deep vein thrombosis is a serious condition… Read more

Case Study 3

Two Years of Pins and Needles Case Study – Mr E This was a really interesting case, demonstrating the importance of turning over every stone. Before seeing the chiropractor Mr E presented with a two year history of pins and needles (paraesthesias) and tightness affecting both of his big toes. Mr E had been to… Read more

Case Study 2

Name: Mr D Reason for consultation: Right sided hamstring pain on athletic activity Mr D is a high-level sprinter, specialising in 60m and 100m events. He has had a significant left hamstring tear previously, but was not a candidate for surgery. For the last 3 years, Mr D has experienced right hamstring pain whilst training. This… Read more

Case Study 1

Name: Mr C Reason for consultation: Front of thigh numbness and associated low back pain. Mr C presented to Worcester Chiropractic Clinic 12 months after injuring his low back at work. Mr C states that “something went” whilst he was lifting, but at the time there was no pain. Later, at home, Mr C was… Read more