Should I Get a TENS Machine?

A TENS machine (that’s Transcutaneous-electrical-nerve-stimulation) is a little gadget that uses small electrical impulses to zap pain-carrying nerves. And you can buy them from about fifteen pounds. But should you? TENS machines are generally used for long-term pain from post-surgical problems, arthritis, fibromyalgia and back pain. Sometimes TENS machines are used on pregnant women during… Read more

Eight Tips For A Healthy Spine

Eight Tips For A Healthy Spine. 1. Tuck Your Chin Very slightly nodding your chin down tenses muscles close to the neck that act as spinal stabilisers, reducing load on other muscles and also on joints within the neck. This should be a subtle movement – no double chins on show. 2. Move Regularly Whether… Read more

McKenzie Technique

The McKenzie method is a common technique system aimed at treating lower back pain. Here we discuss what it is, when it should be used, and whether it works… The McKenzie Method The McKenzie technique system is a primarily self-treatment method of relieving lower back pain. It was developed in the 1950s by a physiotherapist… Read more

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