Worcester Chiropractors are Still Learning

Chiropractors have a wide ranging professional remit that extends from primary care diagnostics to manual therapy for joint problems.

Being able to ascertain when somebody can be successfully treated and when further referral is required is fundamental to being able to practice chiropractic safely. And having the skill to provide effective treatment for each individual requires constant practice.

At Worcester Chiropractic Clinic, maintaining and improving our knowledge and treatment skill is a top priority.

Worcester chiropractor David Cooper training with other chiropractors

David Cooper training with other chiropractors

Chiropractors have some of the most stringent continuing education requirements of any medical professional, but our chiropractors far exceed their minimum requirements.

From week-long courses to monthly in-house training sessions, with a heap of online webinars thrown in, if our chiropractors are not in clinic, they are learning to be better chiropractors.

Over time, clinical interests take hold and inform the direction of learning and development.

We are incredibly lucky at Worcester Chiropractic Clinic to have two experts in their respective fields, with Beth Rawlings being one of the most respected pregnancy chiropractors in the UK and David being immensely experienced in athlete care.

Beth Rawlings Chiropractor

Beth on another webinar

And refreshing our knowledge is just as important as learning new things. Just this month, we have taken courses on dry-needling, pregnancy care, neck injuries, obesity and neurology. All familiar subjects, but nothing we can’t learn more about.

When we recruit, we look for chiropractors who are similarly passionate about becoming leaders in their field.

We hope that our commitment to our professional development comes across and that you feel your care is the hands of competent chiropractors.

Feel free to ask our chiropractors what we have been learning recently and to quiz us on our subject.