Sports Injury Seminars

Over the last few months we’ve had the pleasure of conducting some seminars at Worcester Rowing Club aimed at reducing rowing related injuries.

Worcester Rowing Club is a great venue and the classes have been booked out each time, a testament to the dedication that these athletes put into their sport.

We cover some defining principles of injury prevention, with specific focus on rowing related injuries and their mechanisms.

Theory is interspersed with practical work, with participants being shown, and then practising, functional exercises aimed at building resilience to injury.

While most were not, some of the exercises were familiar to participants. Emphasis was placed on form and understanding what each exercise is designed to improve. We provided progressions for each exercise to accommodate different strengths and weaknesses within the group.

Sports injury seminars such as these are a fantastic thing to be involved in and are very enjoyable for our chiropractors.

Thanks must go out to Worcester Rowing Club for doing such a good job in organising these seminars, hopefully they have been useful and will provide an edge when it comes to competition!

If your club would like information on free injury prevention seminars, please get in touch. Our chiropractors are able to tailor advice to any activity and level of performance.