Since the Covid-19 shutdown, Worcester Chiropractic Clinic have been offering video consultations.

But given chiropractors are manual therapists, how does a video consultation work?

The Process

Arranging a video appointment couldn’t be simpler.

Get in touch with us as normal. We will arrange a convenient time for your appointment.

You will then be emailed with confirmation, a Paypal link and some tips to make the most of your appointment.

10 minutes before your consultation your chiropractor will email over a video link.

Click the link (you may need to download some free software) and your video consultation will begin.


What Happens During a Video Appointment?

You might be surprised to hear that a video consultation follows virtually the same format as a face to face appointment.

To start, your chiropractor will ask you some questions about your medical history. This information is very important and helps inform the rest of the consultation.

Following this there will be a very in-depth discussion about your symptoms.

Once your chiropractor has asked all the questions needed to understand the nature and causes of your symptoms, a short physical examination will be performed.

Although there are certain limitations, our chiropractors have adapted their examination process for best effect over video link.

Having carried out physical examination, your chiropractor will discuss the likely diagnosis for your symptoms.

You will be able to ask any questions you have about your symptoms during this discussion.

Your chiropractor will then give you advice about how to manage your symptoms.

This advice will range from the very simple to the more abstract.

It will include methods for pain management, from which painkillers are likely to be most effective for you to manual techniques that you can try at home.

You will also be shown simple home-remedies and adaptations to help you continue normal activity.

Your chiropractor will then go through specific exercises you can do to help ease your symptoms.

Depending on the situation, your chiropractor may discuss strategies for preventing recurrence of your problem, or this may take place at a subsequent appointment.