Our goal at Worcester Chiropractic Clinic is to get you functioning at your best as quickly as possible. Whether this means getting you out of pain or enhancing your motor control, our chiropractors have the skills to transform your sporting performance.

The majority of injuries treated day to day by chiropractors tend to be those that have built up over a long time. Even injuries that seem to have come on very suddenly usually have underlying factors that have been building over time. These underlying causes relate to faulty movement patterns. The role of a chiropractor is to use manual techniques to relieve pain, but then to re-program movement patterns to prevent re-injury.

This process, of returning function to prevent re-injury, can be applied to athletes. If an athlete is functioning in an optimum way, then not only is their injury risk decreased, but also their performance enhanced.

As chiropractors work with the joints, nerves and muscles of the whole body, they are uniquely poised to be able to find and treat bio-mechanical problems and their compensations. No other health care profession spends as long studying anatomy and neurophysiology.

A benefit of choosing Worcester Chiropractic Clinic for sporting needs is that all of our chiropractors have a background in elite sport. Geoff Long is a former elite power lifter, and it was while receiving chiropractic treatment as a national level sprinter and bob skeleton athlete that Leon Yandle decided to become a chiropractor. Having been there themselves, both understand the frustrations of injury and have an interest in keeping at the forefront of sports medicine.

Our chiropractors can also accompany you in training sessions, rehabilitation and competition to ensure that you flourish.

The list of sports teams and athletes utilising chiropractors is growing very rapidly as professionals begin to recognise that chiropractors offer so much more than can be provided by physiotherapy. The list is a long one, but Leicester Tigers RUFC, Chelsea FC, Arsenal FC, AC Milan FC, GB Basketball, Redbull F1, Leeds FC, and all Tour De France teams employ chiropractors, as well as many more.

In addition, lots of athletes seek care with their own initiative. At Worcester Chiropractic Clinic we currently have athletes from Worcestershire County Cricket Club, West Bromwich Albion FC, Worcester Warriors, and others, regularly attending.

If you are an athlete please contact us to see how we can help. In some cases treatment can be subsidised as part of a sponsorship package. If this is of interest please ask to speak to Dr David Cooper.

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