Christine Shelvey

Beth is fantastic. She understands my issues and I am feeling great after just two visits.  - 8/09/2019

Christine Shelvey

Beth is fantastic. She understands my issues and I am feeling great after just two visits.  - 8/09/2019

Timothy Bridge

I have been using this clinic for 13 years and the service is superb every time ,whether it be a routine appointment or emergency treatment that i have.

I rate them that highly that even though i have moved from Worcester i still travel back there for my treatment.  - 1/17/2019

Timothy Bridge

I have been using this clinic for 13 years and the service is superb every time ,whether it be a routine appointment or emergency treatment that i have.

I rate them that highly that even though i have moved from Worcester i still travel back there for my treatment.  - 1/17/2019

kay wilkiinson

Got me in at very short notice and 're arranged lunch breaks to accommodate me. Very friendly  - 1/09/2019


I cannot recommend this clinic highly enough. I had been having awful leg pain for a long time and felt the need to see a professional. I rang up and made an appointment and the whole experience was excellent. The greeting I got from the receptionist was lovely and she put me at ease whilst I was waiting to be seen by my chiropractor Dr Geoff Long. Geoff was absolutely amazing, he did a full in depth assessment and explained everything clearly so I could understand. He also gave me some fantastic advice throughout my appointments. After just a few sessions at the clinic I can truly say I feel so much better and I’ve already recommended a colleague who had a bad back, and I know she too is happy with her treatment.  - 9/18/2018

Karen Marris

Thank you for sorting out my shoulder and arm. Beth was very professional and took time to explain the problem I had and how it could be resolved. Very pleased with the outcome of the treatment. Would recommend this clinic.  - 8/29/2018

Alan Stinton

I have been a patient at the clinic for many years. If ive had a problem with my back ie emergency treatment i have always been accomadated and the treatment ive received has been first class. The reception staff are very welcoming and very professional.  - 8/12/2018

Garry Tomlins

Very pleased with the treatment i get , sorts me out every time. Would recommend anyone to go here.  - 6/22/2018

Keith Taylor

I was a bit sceptical about this treatment but due to pain and lack of mobility i gave it a try i saw Geoffrey long, money well spent im converted he was easy to talk to, relaxed,and he knows his business, had six sessions feel great thanks Geoff.  - 6/22/2018

Annonymous, Worcester

Having suffered a lot of leg and hip pain, I've had two sessions with Leon who has really sorted out the problems. He is both professional and friendly with a real concern for patient welfare during and between treatments.  - 6/17/2018

Ian, Bristol

I travel to Worcester all the way from Bristol whenever I have any niggles, they are that good. Having tried local chiropractors, physiotherapists and osteopaths, I can say that the level of expertise on offer at Worcester Chiropractic Clinic is second to none. Keep up the good work.  - 5/19/2018

Dave Harford

Friendly and fantastic staff & service. Would recommend anyone to go here.  - 4/09/2018

Sue, Worcester

As a professional dancer keeping my body in top condition is absolutely essential. Whether it's sorting my feet out or loosening up my shoulders, I really couldn't live without treatment. It doesn't just help with pain but makes me move better, which is essential with my job. I really believe everybody who plays a sport or takes regular exercise should see a chiropractor, you just get so much more from it if you do.  - 3/11/2018

Joss Mcleod

Impressed with the caring professional manner we were treated. Thank you.  - 2/19/2018

Caroline King

Very pleased with treatment and service, lovely staff, very friendly.  - 2/09/2018

Charles, Evesham

I've been coming in twice a year now for about 15 years. I never have an ache or a pain any more and consider the money to be some of the best I could ever spend.  - 2/09/2018

Margaret, Worcester

I'm extremely pleased I decided to book an appointment. My hip had been bothering me for donkey's years (old age!!) and I was booked on the NHS waiting list to have it replaced. My friend recommended I ring up the chiropractors and see if they could help, as she had had the same thing. I spoke to Leon, who is a lovely young man, and he advised me that he may be able to help. Well, after two treatments (which, I must say were remarkably painless!), I feel 20 years younger and am back running up the stairs! No need for a new hip after all! Definitely recommend! And Leon is rather handsome too!  - 2/01/2018

Will van Ufford

Great service with great results! It is vitally important to me to ensure that I as a rider remain as 'straight' as possible, to give my horses the best chance to perform to the best of their ability. Worcester Chiropractic was recommended by the equine physio we use, after I injured myself in a fall. After an initial consultation with David and follow up treatment with Beth, I was soon back to where I needed to be and I now have occasional checks / treatment to ensure that I... stay there. It always amazes me how much we as riders are willing to spend on getting our horses as straight as possible, but forget the essential element, the person sitting on top, who also needs to be level and balanced if we want the partnership to work. The treatment has been excellent and well worth the investment and I would highly recommend it to anyone, particularly those of you that ride.  - 12/12/2017

Kim Williams

Both myself and husband have been treated by Geoff...1st class treatment and very helpful receptionists Sandra and vicky  - 11/06/2017

Felicity Rothwell

I had suffered with a sore neck/shoulders and painful hips for several years; I am a regular runner and found that it was impacting on my enjoyment and ability to run.

After seeing David my condition has improved hugely and I can now run and go about normal life without discomfort. I am so pleased that I chose to visit and only wish I hadn't put up with the discomfort for so long before making an appointment.

All the staff are lovely and David took time to explain the cause of my pain and make me feel comfortable. I would highly recommend Worcester Chiropractic Clinic to anyone.  - 8/14/2017

John, Worcester

Quite incredible! Attended for back/chest pain and received the most thorough medical examination of my life to start with. After just a two treatments pain resolved and breathing difficulties, which I've suffered for most of my life also greatly improved. Highly professional, cannot recommend highly enough.  - 8/10/2017

Hans Peter, Malvern

I must say, having been in excruciating pain with my sciatica for over 4 weeks, could hardly walk and go about my daily business before I came to you and you fully restored me with just three appointments; that is fantastic! In my book you are a miracle worker, as I almost thought I had to go under the "knife" which I wanted to avoid like the plague and you helped me achieve this, thank you! It is a very good feeling to be pain free! Regards from a very happy patient.  - 7/09/2017

Brenda Madge Lamb

I went here they are just so good would recommend them .  - 4/05/2017

Jan Perrins

After my first visit Geoff sorted out my shoulder and back pain, which I had suffered with on and off over a few years due to osteoporosis and poor posture. He could see the problem as soon as I walked into his office. I walked out of the clinic feeling I had a new body. I had 5 more visits and each time felt so much better. Geoff has a wealth of knowledge and has given me some gentle exercise to help keep my back supple. I have had no pain since my visits but will go for a check up in a few weeks time. The receptionist is very friendly and also very helpful with appointments and the clinic has a lovely atmosphere. I am one very happy lady, it was worth every penny.  - 7/29/2015

Michael Mikey Boy Hearmon

After a car accident in 2002 I have lived with constant pain from my pelvis as it got hit badly and now goes out of line. After 6 weeks of treatment I now go pain free every 6 months. I honestly could not go about my day to day without seeing Geoff. Really friendly service with lots of useful advice.  - 7/14/2015

Adriana Reis

Staff is awesome, they seem to know how to do their jobs. In the end my body always has this great feeling.  - 12/03/2014

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