Covid-19: Advice to Patients


Worcester Chiropractic Clinic is gradually making appointments available to more patients, having been offering appointments to just those with the most urgent need thus far.

You will still be triaged over the phone by a chiropractor prior to being offered an appointment, but as lock-down restrictions ease we are able to provide more patients with face-to-face appointments.

The Coronavirus situation is changing day-by-day. On this page you will find regularly updated information about the changes we are making in response to Covid-19.

Current government advice is that chiropractic clinics can remain open. This is echoed by the General Chiropractic Council and the British Chiropractic Association, with the limitation that routine appointments are rescheduled.

If you have a routine appointment booked for the next three weeks, we will be contacting you to rearrange.


While we are unable to provide routine appointments, we are able to provide care to those with need.

If you think you need an appointment, please contact the clinic. Chiropractor and clinic director David Cooper will respond to your enquiry.

You will go through a triage process with David over the phone to see if a face to face appointment is appropriate.

If a face-to-face consultation is not appropriate, you will be offered a video consultation instead.

Consistent with Public Health England guidance, the following groups should not attend the clinic:

  • Symptomatic patients; cough, fever, shortness of breath, anosmia
  • People returning from abroad
  • Those advised to self-isolate
  • Anybody with known respiratory and cardiovascular illness
  • People over the age of 70

Currently, the risks to pregnant women are not thought to be any greater than for other patients. The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists have compiled this information page detailing Covid-19 guidance for pregnant patients.

Video Consultations

Video consultations are a fast and effective option for most patients.

A video consultation will follow the normal structure of a face-to-face consultation, with time spent discussing your medical history and current symptoms.

A physical exam and movement screen will follow, after which the chiropractor will discuss with you the likely cause of your symptoms and advise on strategies for symptom relief.

We are offering video consultations to both new and existing patients. Please contact the clinic if you require a video consultation.

Mitigation Measures

As has been widely reported, transmission of Covid-19 can be markedly reduced by maintaining appropriate levels of hygiene and social distancing.

Some things that we are doing to ensure you are safe when you visit us include:

  • Where possible we will discuss your medical history and symptoms remotely to avoid prolonged close contact
  • We ask that patients pay for appointments using an online payment processor prior to attending the clinic
  • Appointments are spaced out with a minimum of an 15 minutes between. This is to avoid cross-over, and to allow ventilation and cleaning of the clinic
  • Patients must wear face coverings at all times when in clinic
  • Chiropractors wear face coverings when treating upper body complaints
  • There are no reception staff on site
  • Patients are not getting changed
  • We advise patients not to bring others with them to their appointment
  • Your chiropractor has hand-sanitiser, and uses this and washes hands between each patient contact
  • We’re not shaking hands present
  • Treatment room doors (and windows where possible) will remain open at all times to aid ventilation
  • Our chiropractors are only working one day a week each, allowing time for symptoms to show themselves before they return to clinic

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