Exercise Classes with Worcester Chiropractic Clinic

It’s a firm belief of ours that, whilst our chiropractors are the best in the business at getting you better, exercise of the right kind is the best thing to keep you pain free.

Whether you are suffering with bad back, a trapped nerve, or even a sports related injury, the source of your pain can almost always be traced back to a dysfunctional movement pattern, lack of joint stabilisation or postural change.

It is for this reason that Worcester Chiropractic Clinic are putting in place regular rehabilitation classes.

These will be led by chiropractors, so only exercises that will complement your care will be utilised. The classes will also be very small so that we can keep a close watch on technique at all times.

Many of the exercises will be new to most people, meaning that there will be a degree of learning initially, but once the movements have been learned they can be performed at home with little or no equipment.

Exercises will be progressive, starting at absolute basics and working up to as high a level as you wish as quickly as possible. In this way we can cater for a wide range of patients, and a variety of demands. This also means that the exercise classes can provide a stern work out!

Because of the specific nature of the classes, and in order to allow us to best tailor them for you, only patients already registered with the clinic are eligible for participation. If you would like to participate, please contact the clinic for a consultation.

The rehabilitation classes are set to commence on Tuesday 25th March. We are pleased to be working with PF2 sports centres, which means that we can offer rehabilitation in both Worcester and Malvern.

For more information about the classes, please ring the clinic or send us an email