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Back Pain Whilst Flying?

Even people with no back pain can get uncomfortable when crammed into an aeroplane, whether long haul or short haul. So if you already experience back problems or neck pain, you need to have some strategies up your sleeve to help yourself.

Much of the advice is similar to preventing back pain when you are sat at your desk, sofa or anywhere else for that matter. Central to this is to shift around as much as possible.

Changing your posture every 20 minutes is a must as this prevents creep from setting in and protects your ligaments. But your muscles are quicker to react than ligaments and really don't like being kept still.

You may feel slightly self-conscious, but ask yourself which is better - possibly being looked upon as a fidget, or having a bad back for your holiday. Try to completely shit your position every few minutes. This includes moving the back rest regularly.

Since a lot of the pain that occurs after being sat down for a while tends to be muscular, and is essentially caused by some muscles staying switched on and others being switched off while you are sat, clenching or contracting different muscle groups can help dramatically.

Throughout the flight, squeeze muscles such as those in your buttocks, abdominals and throughout your legs. This is great at stopping you from seizing up, and has the added bonus of lowering your likely hood of DVT.

Particularly useful for people with neck pain, push your head back into the headrest for 10 seconds at a time. You can also sit with your chin tucked in slightly.

Finally, when you are preparing to get off the plane, be careful of remaining stooped under the overhead lockers as people move around. You are particularly vulnerable to bending forwards after having been sat for a long time, so stay seated for another few minutes until the traffic clears and you can get out into the corridor. Use the armrests and other chairs to help you get out of your seat.

Have a good holiday!