Core Exercises for Weightlifters

Core exercises for weightlifting If you are a weight-lifter or athlete, having a strong core is essential for preventing injury. But good core-stability means different things to different people, and each sporting discipline has its own specific requirements. In this article, we discuss which muscles are your core muscles and which core muscles you need… Read more

Early Specialisation Leads to More Injuries

All young people should do sport. It is fantastic for musculoskeletal development, helping create resilient joints that will stand up to the rigours of day to day life without pain or injury. But there is a problem with sport-specialisation. Choosing and sticking to one sport at a young age carries with it a significant injury… Read more

Running Technique Tips

As ever, the pavements will be packed with runners this January as everybody renews their efforts to become healthier following the New Year. This then seems like a good time to go through some running technique. I myself am a huge fan of barefoot running. The logic of allowing the foot to do its job… Read more

Chiropractors for Cyclists

The 2015 Tour De France consisted of 21 gruelling stages, amounting to 2,087 miles of cycling in just three weeks. Today, almost every team has its own chiropractor, but why? What does cycling that far do to your back? The first thing to note is that cyclists competing at Le Tour rarely employ a chiropractor… Read more

Most Common Injuries per Sport

Most Common Injuries in Each Sport Sports injuries are an inevitable part of living an active life, and although ensuring your body is functioning at its optimum decreases the likelihood of getting injured, there are still inherent risks associated with each sport. But what injuries occur most commonly in each sport? Basketball It should come… Read more