My Back Has Gone!

Why does my back ‘go’ and what can I do about it? If you have had sudden low back pain, there’s a good chance you have used the description “my back has gone” or “it just went”. But where did it go? In this article our chiropractors will attempt to answer why sudden onset back… Read more

Spinal Injections

If you have been referred for an injection to ease back pain, neck pain, a trapped nerve or sciatica, this article will provide some information on the various types you may be offered. Spinal injections come in three main forms; epidural, nerve root and facet joint. Facet joint injections target small joints at the back… Read more

Is Back Pain Sexist?

I promised to write this article after asking Twitter users whether they thought back pain was more common amongst men or women.The responses were surprising, with a rush from each gender to take the title as the most afflicted by back pain. This says a lot about societal attitudes to pain, which is a fascinating… Read more

7 Tips for Gardening without getting a bad back

Small Doses – If you have had your feet up all winter and then suddenly do six hours’ gardening, your back is really going to feel it. Stick to doing small bouts of gardening to start with and gradually increase the length of each session over several weeks. You might start with 15 minutes gardening… Read more

Some Causes of Low Back Pain

If you are suffering with lower back pain, knowing the cause of your symptoms is key to being able to relieve them. Our chiropractors outline several different causes of low back pain below. Slipped Disc This is a very common cause of low back pain, although the term itself can be slightly misleading. Discs are… Read more

Tips for Flying if you have a Bad Back

If you are dreading a long-haul flight because you have a bad back or neck pain, this article should provide some useful information on what you can do to relieve those aches and pains. Flying can aggravate back pain or neck pain for several reasons. Lower cabin pressure can impact on your joints and spinal… Read more

Best Type of Exercise When You Have a Bad Back

If you have a bad back, general exercise is a great thing to do. But knowing which types of exercise place your back under the least strain is important. The temptation is to assume that because exercise classes are supervised they are the safest bet. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. General circuit type activities… Read more

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